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Hi everyone! Here are our new ideas for Rakuen Revolution, obviously we are still in the planning stage and would welcome feedback!

If you are reading this and wern't in the origional Rakuen is a basic explanation of the exaclan system, some of it will be the same, just so you get the general gist.


The setting is a small town, on an island. On this island are two rival schools (Conquest and Fortitude unless anyone has any other ideas) Characters arrive by train to be met by a prefect of their school, the schools are on self contained campuses, each has two dorms (pale/black and red/white), there is also a cafeteria, foyer, library, computer room, gym and swimming pool on each campus as well prefects head quarters and classrooms.

Outside the capuses there is a lake with boats, a small wood, a mansion belonging to the mayor of the town, a shop and a battle arena. Also the headquarters of the guild of weapons. (I have a map on paper but when Elle comes to mine she can make it pretty and digital)

The city is ran using the execlan system. Each round (1 IC week, 2 OOC weeks) a small percentage from each School become players, everyone else is weapons. Players may spar among themselves or battle members of rival schools.

Weapons have no rights at all, to get rights you must become owned by a player. You can only vow to someone from your own school (but you can be won across schools, if you are won by a member of the rival school you belong to them, you better hope you can run fast from campus to campus when they need you!)

Players still lose ten memories, you still have 5 upgrades, you still are looking for stars. A difference is if you become a starred weapon and get all 5 upgrades you become a prefect.

Prefects have their own headquarters which is comfortable with cooking facilities and comfy chairs and even some entertainment (like music), even weapon prefects can use the headquarters. They wear a fancier version of their uniform, and a beret


There is a shop in the city, it is ran by Recette. You can buy memory charms, upgrades, weapons (static one use only), human weapons, comunicators, odds and ends, sweets, chocolate, things from home. EVERYTHING COSTS MONEY THE NICER YOU ARE TO RECETTE THE CHEAPER THINGS ARE (except memories which are fixed)

Also you can sell things, whatever you like. Not your uniform but you can sell the clothes you come in, you can sell your weapons (weapons bought by Recette are hers until bought and must work in the shop/run errands for Recette after school), you can even sell extra memories (though why you would want to no one knows)

The currency of the city of Rakuen is called Raks

Adult characters: If a character is over school leaving age (lets say 18) then they will be given a job as a teacher, the subject will be based on their skills. A teacher earns a Rak a day, as do students who attend lessons.

Battles: Participation in a battle earns each Player 1 rak. For every Weapon vowed with or won, they earn an additional 5 raks.

To earn a victory in a round, win five battles or own six weapons simultaeously a win earns 20 raks. Any Weapons belonging to a winning Player will earn 10 raks Winning the round means you can then not fight for the rest of the round penalty free if you chose (but you may continue to if you wish to)

If you have not battled by the half way point of a round (though battles can be handwaved as long as they are recorded) you lose three raks, if you have still not battled by the end you lose a further three raks

If you go into negative raks there are consequences. Your characters wont like them

OOC differences:

-There will be a constant plotting meme, this can be used by players to plot general things and at the begining of every round there will be a mod post with the Players of the round, with sections for asking for weapons, weapons asking for players and battle matchups. We will be recomending that you track this post so you can plot with players who you might not have on AIM or Plurk.

-Every other week on a wednesday there will be a sign up post, this post will just be to ask if you are active and not forseeing any reasons why you wont be active in the next two weeks. You may sign up all your characters every single week if you wish, or if you forsee being not as active but not not active enough to warrant a hiatus you simply dont reply and your characters wont be chosen as a Player that round


There are six mod played staff characters. The mayor, who is a reclusive figure, only seen for announcements and at city wide events. Each school has a head teacher and also a head prefect. These characters claim to have been in the last group of exaclan characters, sacrified to stay behind in order for the game to be defeated and the others to graduate to the final battle and freedom. It is hinted that this is the fate that will face this group too.

These staff are either a weapon or a player, they do not change.

Dungeon quests:

The shop keeper sometimes sends people on adventures! Players sign up (and sign up their weapons) and any weapons that want to go sell themselves to Recette for the round, participants get lots of Raks (and bring back loot for the shop)

Towers: There are six towers, each tower has four plaques on the door, red, black, white and pale and on each plaque there is handprint burnt into it.

Events: There will be school based events and also city based events which will yield Raks, there will also be city wide tournaments

Other things:

AU's/OCs Are very welcome, and will be taken on a case by case basis.
AC- two coment threads or one post a month :)
Character limit would be five

This is everything we can think of right now. But if anyone has any questions feel free to ask us in comments! Or any comments, or sugestions!
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