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Weapons: A sickle
Fighting experiance: He's a soldier, more used to fighting in a knightmare frame but pretty good at hand to hand fighting. Trained in martial arts, never used a sickle but can probably work it out relatively quickly. Very good reflexes, very fast.
Abilities: He has a live on Geass on him, meaning that if he is close to dying or giving up it takes over and forces him to do everything in his power to survive. He has no memories of when the geass takes over. His collar is Yellow.
Strategy: He doesn't want to kill anyone, he will protect those that need it. However if attacked and in a ring where his powers work he will fight to kill. (And hate himself for it)

Day One: Ring One Quadrant A/B Enters, is angry. Meets Naga and Kuja. Powers not working.
Day Two: Ring One/Two???Creepy illusions, footsteps Powers not working in Rings 3 and Four. Fights Richtofen maybe?? Teams up with Riku and Sora.
Day Three: Monsters!! Meet OU Minato maybe? Gets injured from them, place floods swimming time! With a flea!, Powers not working in Ring Four. Hanging out with Riku and Sora
Day Four: Sora dies, Riku goes beserk, him and Suzaku potentially fight. Suzaku runs away, somehow finds resistance and Psi
Day Five: With resistance, sticking around for Psi though worried he will be forced to hurt them
Day Six: Dolorosa dies Gamzee goes sober group breaks, Suzaku and Gamzee fight, Suzaku injured. Loses everyone, finds Jin, fights. More injured. Finds Psi and Disciple. More fights maybe? Maybe Ganondorf fight?
Day Seven: Still with Psi and maybe Di? Fights with England and Ahri, is injured, kills Ahri. Fights Au Minato maybe?
Day Eight: Fight Condesce at some point. Psi dies for him?? Suzaku eventually dies potentially in battle royale? Maybe earlier

Undetermined days:

Note: I don't know when Suzaku will die, so all eight days might not happen.

Sponsors: Signless, warnings


Weapons: A kitchen knife
Fighting experiance: None, tiny bit of training from Reno.
Abilities: None.
Strategy: Trying to survive, trusts to easily, what is strategy??

Day One: Ring Four quadrant D. Meet Dave, join Dave, get lost. Meet Leon on the way to somehow making it to Ring 1. Meet Ventus, join Ventus. Recieves meal and also healing (so he should get injured before then!) gets warning of person (Ventus??) (mimio) recieves second mean (Eleanor) flailing at Richtofen with knife in scuffle
Day Two: Creepyness. Be killed by Ventus late afternoon recieves meal and healing

Sponsors: Reno (healing and full meal on day 1 and 2), Mimio (warning of person within 5 minutes) Eleanor (full meal)



Day One: Meals for John, Ken, Chidori, Ronald and Russia
Day Two: Meal for Karkat, Spain and Psi, powers for Vriska and Psi
Day Three: Meal for Donald, Link (littlest) and Shinji, powers for Link (littlest) Warning for Yori
Day Four: Meal and Powers for Lina, Gamzee and Psi food, Healing for Kanji
Day Five: Gamzee Healing?? Psi, Minako, Russia and Yori food
Day Six:Gamzee food, Ken food, Yori food, Chidori food, Vriska food
Day Seven:
Day Eight: Ganondorf

Undetermined: Anyone else who needs it ever



Day One: Meals for Dave and England
Day Two: Water for Ventus (low), Proper meal for Ventus (medium) and Dave
Day Three: Water for Ventus Meal for England and Dave
Day Four: Proper meal for England, meal for Ganondorf, meal for Psi
Day Five: Psi powers and meal??
Day Six: Ganondorf healing and food, Psii food, England food
Day Seven:
Day Eight:



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